Thursday, October 17, 2013

Icosium Cafe

If you're feeling up for an adventure and wanting to try something a little different but also amazingly delicious, let me say to you these 2 words: Algerian Creperie. It's where you will take your tongue on a journey to the Meditateranean coast. Or Andersonville. But your tongue won't know the difference when you visit the Icosium Kafe, at the corner of Foster and Clarke. 

A friend and I biked here, per her suggestion. I remembered how much I loved the interior decorations and the unique style of the cuisine. I decided to take Daniel here so he could experience the
Algerian coffee and the overall "cool" feeling of the place. 

We started off with an appetizer: Zaatar bread with a plate of olives. The bread was served in oil, and lightly seasoned. For only $2.50, it was a good deal to hold us over until our main courses.
Icosium Kafe has sweet crepes and savory crepes. Since I tried a savory crepe previously with my friend, I decided to go with a sweet crepe this time around. At $10, your money will be well-spent. I ordered the "Crepe Damour", fresh raspberries (a favorite of mine) with Nutella. 

Let me tell you, if heaven existed in a bite of food, this is it. Garnished with a side of fresh whipped-cream, this dish is amazing. The blend of raspberries and nutella inside the light crispy dough was enough to make me forget about my problems for 10 minutes while I devoured it, and I am not exaggerating. It was amazing! I definitely want to come back to try more of their sweet crepes. 

Daniel got the Greek crepe, with a side of potatoes, which he graciously allowed me to try. 

The blend of fresh ingredients--the tomatoes, olives, garlic, and especially the feta cheese, was delectable. Melt-in-your mouth good. 

To go along with my raspberries-nutella crepe, I ordered the "Dulce de Leche". I had never had it before, and for some reason I imagined it to be sweeter. I have to remember the degree of sweetness varies when it comes to coffee-drinkers. Needless to say it was enjoyable, but I will likely choose another option in the future. 

Daniel, on the other hand, ordered the Turkish coffee.

The food, the service, and the atmosphere of this place is top-notch. It takes an adventurous eater, but I bet you if you take a chance on this place, you won't be disappointed.

Would you bring your girls here?

Yes, I can see us sipping one of the Algerian specials while chatting about life.

Should you bring someone here on a date?

A great date spot. Even if the date sucks, you can ooh and ahh over the decorations, or discuss where in fact Algeria is located (North Africa, by the way).

Can I bring my boss or colleagues for a happy hour?

Probably not. There's no alcohol here. It's a great spot but depending on where you work, it might be out of the way.

Is this a family friendly place?

Yes. Show your family a unique place in a hip Chicago neighborhood. Their mouths will be happy. 

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