Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Pizza Rustica

Chicago is famous for its deep dish pizza. Taking visiting friends and family to Lou Malnati's to get a slice of their famous pizza pie is mandatory and required by city ordinance.

However, the city of Chicago has a lot more to offer when it comes to pizza variety other than Domino's and Papa John's. Pizza Rustica is one of those hidden neighborhood places worth coming back. Although its location is not exactly "hidden" as it's right off the Sheridan station of the CTA Red Line.

The restaurant is cozy with warm lighting and a spacious dining area with upscale decoration. It's a quiet place to wind down after a long day of work to catch up with friends.

It has a nicely stocked wine bar as well.

Pizza Rustica has a blackboard menu that updates daily, and a seasonal menu that rotates once every couple of months. After visiting the place a couple times, we've never had the problem finding the things to try. And the wait staff is always helpful with recommendations. For the night, we ordered mozzarella and cold cuts as an appetizer. 

The basil pesto sauce really brings out the cheese taste of the mozzarella cheese, and the cold cuts and bread works wonders with wine. For the main event, we ordered the Tutta pizza. It was an combination of crumbled sausage, pepperoni, mushrooms, black olives and bleu cheese as toppings, and it was baked on a thin splice of hand tossed dough.

 I am personally a huge fan of bleu cheese, but I never thought of it as a pizza topping. We ordered a half as usual. 

Would you bring your bros here?

This really depends. The food is good and decently priced. It has a bar, but it's a wine bar. There are also no TVs to entertain your bros. If you are okay with talking about life to fill the silence, this can be your place.

Should you bring someone here on a date?

Yes. The wine bar if pizza alone is not enough to make he/her scream for joy.

Can I bring my boss or colleagues for a happy hour?

Yes for the same reasons above. There is something about wine that that craft beer cannot replace. It's time to show your office mates the cultured side of you.

Is this a family friendly place?

Yes, especially if your mom and dad are starting to complain about eating at Lou Malnati's all the times they come visit from out of town. Pizza Rustica also has famous selections of pasta and other Northern Italian cuisine. The place is not just good, it is classy and delicious. Take your folks here.

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