Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Tac Quick

Is there a restaurant or a place in your neighborhood that you walk pass every day? Whether it's on your way to work or about to begin a memorable Friday night, you notice the place but you never have the chance or a reason to stop by? Tac Quick is one of those places for us.

Photo credit: KidItamae

Located on the same block as the Sheridan station of CTA Red Line, Tac Quick's huge, inviting windows showcases it's modern yet relaxed dining area and makes you wonder what it would be like to sit inside and relax over a bottle of wine with friends. A BYOB place, it is hard to find excuses not to pay the place a visit after a long day of work with a bottle of something from the liquor store next door. 

And that's exactly what we did tonight. Upon entering the restaurant, the strong scent of Southeastern Asian spice made our already growling stomach even hungrier. Thanks to their fairly affordable menu, we decided to get two appetizers on top of dinner. But that was the only thing of the night we could come to a consensus. Tac Quick has a menu specially catered to its relaxed atmosphere. Besides their regular items, they have a special appetizer menu with food perfectly designed for you to snack on while chatting with your friends and a bottle of beer in one hand.

By the way, they have a secret Thai menu that you have to ask for to get it.

Because we love it so much and order it every time we are at a Thai restaurant, we ordered Crispy Tofu. 

But we wanted to be adventurous, too. We ended up choosing Spicy Basil Rolls, and it was the most amazing fried culinary novelty besides sweet potato fries and jalapeno cheese pops. 

Spicy Basil Rolls look nothing different from regular spring rolls, but the commonality ends there. Inside, it's layers of thin sliced beef wrapper around jalapeno pieces. With the dipping sauce made of diced garlic and soy sauce, they were gone in seconds.

For the main course, Megan stole my usual order and got the Curry Fried Rice with chicken. 

I didn't mind though, because I already had my eyes set on the Curry Beef Noodle Soup. 

I guess being a neighborhood spot at a high traffic area pays a price to having to compare with other restaurants in the same area. Tac Quick is delicious, but in term of authenticity of food, it's good but not something to write home about. I love the place, and I will definitely stop by it more often. It's a great place for hanging out over several courses of appetizers and a couple bottles of wine.

Would you bring your bros here?

Tac Quick is BYOB, and it's right next to a liquor store. Although the place does not have a bar, and it doesn't have any TV, it is still a good place to unwind a long day after work.

Should you bring someone here on a date?

Yes, Tac Quick is a perfect place to bring your date and relax after a long day.

Can I bring my boss or colleagues for a happy hour?

Yes for the same reasons above. Instead of wine, get a pack of good craft beer. They do reservations, and they have big tables to accommodate your group.

Is this a family friendly place?

Not particularly. Although the place has a fairly priced menu and good food. It's not exactly memorable. If you are just looking for a place to have dinner and share a bottle.